You’re Invited To Candid Conversations



On Nov. 12th come join the ladies of BCDRADIO for a new exciting event: Behind Closed Doors – Candid Conversations. Purchase early bird tickets for discounted rates

This interactive event will be fun, light and entertaining as opposed to harsh, boring and over critical. We have several different panelist from your favorites in entertainment to professional life coaches. We will be discussing topics that directly relate to what’s going on in our society. If you’re a fan of BCDRADIO you know that you are going to have a good time at our event, while laughing and learning.

It is our goal to bring Candid Conversation to life by creating high caliber social settings which are hosted in elite venues. Our authentic panelists possess the ability to keep the viewers entertained by engaging in compelling conversations.

Special Guest Speakers:
Lakeisha Robinson – Life Coach

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